Can She Take Two Fists

Anuskatzz, Kellie Panther, Lily Lu

12:27 Film & 47 Fotos Apr 18, 2024

Dressed in latex, the girls can’t wait to play with Lily Lu. She has on her cute white lingerie with garter and white nylons. They slap her dick a few times just for fun and then have her turn around so they can expose her ass and immediately start to work on stretching her hole. Anuskatzz gets a couple of fingers in, then four and works to get her fist inside. Meanwhile Kellie Panther tugs on Lily Lu’s dick keeping it nice and hard. They switch and Kellie Panther does get her fist inside as Lily Lu moans from the penetration. They take turn fisting her and then decide to stuff both their hands in her ass as Lily Lu furiously masturbates until a load of cum spurts out


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