Z-Filmz is a visual side project of Lily Lu, also known as Little Swastika, and Anuskatzz. It's somewhere in between psychedelic art and pornography. Little Swastika is best known as a tattoo artist who influenced the tattoo scene, especially with his “third dimension” project. Breaking borders and playing with his own style of creativity is also his main idea for the new project Dirty Dreaz. So let us use this medium and create something new out of it. Let us play with different lights, with crazy cuts, with smiles and laughs, and that was true sex is passion! Anuskatzz works as a dominatrix in Switzerland. Together with little Swastika, she started the project Dirty Dreaz because BDSM is, for both of them, one really important element in life. They both enjoy having fun with people with dreadlocks and tattoos to whom they feel attracted. So they decided to combine this fun with some creativity and give these moments of joy with friends a stage in their movies. All of our friends like to explore sexuality, explore themselves, and explore BDSM. Through film and photography, we are able to transport these intimate moments to an audience who shares the same open mindset. We are so happy to give this audience a lot of inspiration from our blissful experiences and show them a way to transfer these experiences into their own personal lives. This is precisely why we love what we do. To inspire with quality content and passion – to show you a way outside of the box of your own imagination.

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